Sunday, August 16, 2015

Color correction

Friday, July 24, 2015

YouTube channel tips

Monday, April 13, 2015

Cleaning Up Live Music Recordings...

Consider this a "category" post that I will update with notes and whatnot as I find them...

Some notes from a fourm (

...usually mud is in the 250hz area - try cutting a bit there. If it sounds a bit nasily and honky, you may also want to cut around 1k.

...with eq you always end up changing the sound dramatically...

Engineering Voice Overs and Interviews

My audio experience is mostly 20 years old and from back in the analog days, so DAWs and what not are pretty new to me and the basic principles of sound engineering are coated with layers of rust, or lost completely, in many cases, due to the death of too many brain cells and the need to overwrite those memories with football stats and other such worthless knowledge...

Because of this...  YouTube!  I've decided to review some basics and I'll post up the videos as I go.

Of course, ultimately, the right way to do audio is with the ears more than the brains, but its still important to know how to make our DAWs achieve the results we desire and to get those results in the most direct ways...

Anyway, starting with some basics that will mostly apply to voice overs, dialogue, and interviews in video production.

Today, I am just trowing some videos up to review later.  I have no idea yet if these are worth a watch or not...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Audio Specs for Available Cameras

Nikon D5100

48000 Hz - 16 bit

Nikon P510

48000 Hz - compressed

Sony HDR-AS 100V

48000 Hz - compressed

Canon Powershot SX230 HS

48000 Hz - 16 bit

Canon 5D Mark II

48000 Hz - 16 bit

Friday, April 10, 2015

Multicamera Editing in Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro Help | Multi-camera editing workflow: "Premiere Pro lets you create a multi-camera source sequence using clips from multiple camera sources. You can synchronize clips by manually setting In points, Out points, or clip markers. Or you can use audio-based syncing to accurately align clips in a multi-camera sequence."

Creative Commons Music Sources

Creative Commons Music Communities - Creative Commons: "Below is a list of exemplary music communities that utilize our tools, typically by enabling users to upload content under one of our free licenses. If there is a community we are missing, please add it to our wiki as this page is periodically updated."

20+ Websites to Download Creative Commons Music For Free - Hongkiat:

14 Websites To Find Free Creative Commons Music: "We’ve introduced you to a variety of quality image sites where you can find Creative Commons images, but the Creative Commons license goes far beyond just images. Different types of content are licensed online using Creative Commons — videos, music, and even blog content. You’ll find plenty of it online to share, remix and use commercially. When it comes to Creative Commons music — there are certainly no shortage of websites with audio you can use for any occasion. With Creative Commons licenses, you do have to be sure to take a careful look at the specific license which will show you exactly how you can use the content that has been provided for free. There’s no better place to learn about the various CC licenses than the official Creative Commons website. "

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Christian Media Resources

A couple articles full of useful links...

Free Media You Should Know About

We’re hitting the free media resource piƱata hard and sharing a ton of sites full of free media for churches. Clear space on your hard drive and check out the goodies below:

Free Visual Media Resources for Churches

This is an update from our March 2012 article: Free Media for Churches You Should Know About. Since publishing the article, we’ve discovered some new sites we wanted to add to the list. Rather than update the article, we made this page. We’ll keep it updated with all the resources for free visual media available to churches.