Thursday, November 26, 2015

Steadicam Set Up & Use

The two below were suggested by IMORDEN...

Monday, November 2, 2015

A solid article on encoding H.264 for the Web

This can be baffling when just starting out, but this article is one of the best I've seen giving a quick rundown of how to apply the encoding settings for export to H.264.  As it says, some degree of trial and error will eventually help dial in your own work, but these settings are a great place to start!

Cinetic Studios: My workflow for exporting to Web for best quality

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Cleaning Up Live Music Recordings...

Consider this a "category" post that I will update with notes and whatnot as I find them...

Some notes from a fourm (

...usually mud is in the 250hz area - try cutting a bit there. If it sounds a bit nasily and honky, you may also want to cut around 1k.

...with eq you always end up changing the sound dramatically...

Engineering Voice Overs and Interviews

My audio experience is mostly 20 years old and from back in the analog days, so DAWs and what not are pretty new to me and the basic principles of sound engineering are coated with layers of rust, or lost completely, in many cases, due to the death of too many brain cells and the need to overwrite those memories with football stats and other such worthless knowledge...

Because of this...  YouTube!  I've decided to review some basics and I'll post up the videos as I go.

Of course, ultimately, the right way to do audio is with the ears more than the brains, but its still important to know how to make our DAWs achieve the results we desire and to get those results in the most direct ways...

Anyway, starting with some basics that will mostly apply to voice overs, dialogue, and interviews in video production.

Today, I am just trowing some videos up to review later.  I have no idea yet if these are worth a watch or not...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Audio Specs for Available Cameras

Nikon D5100

48000 Hz - 16 bit

Nikon P510

48000 Hz - compressed

Sony HDR-AS 100V

48000 Hz - compressed

Canon Powershot SX230 HS

48000 Hz - 16 bit

Canon 5D Mark II

48000 Hz - 16 bit

Friday, April 10, 2015

Multicamera Editing in Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro Help | Multi-camera editing workflow: "Premiere Pro lets you create a multi-camera source sequence using clips from multiple camera sources. You can synchronize clips by manually setting In points, Out points, or clip markers. Or you can use audio-based syncing to accurately align clips in a multi-camera sequence."

Creative Commons Music Sources

Creative Commons Music Communities - Creative Commons: "Below is a list of exemplary music communities that utilize our tools, typically by enabling users to upload content under one of our free licenses. If there is a community we are missing, please add it to our wiki as this page is periodically updated."

20+ Websites to Download Creative Commons Music For Free - Hongkiat:

14 Websites To Find Free Creative Commons Music: "We’ve introduced you to a variety of quality image sites where you can find Creative Commons images, but the Creative Commons license goes far beyond just images. Different types of content are licensed online using Creative Commons — videos, music, and even blog content. You’ll find plenty of it online to share, remix and use commercially. When it comes to Creative Commons music — there are certainly no shortage of websites with audio you can use for any occasion. With Creative Commons licenses, you do have to be sure to take a careful look at the specific license which will show you exactly how you can use the content that has been provided for free. There’s no better place to learn about the various CC licenses than the official Creative Commons website. "

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Christian Media Resources

A couple articles full of useful links...

Free Media You Should Know About

We’re hitting the free media resource piƱata hard and sharing a ton of sites full of free media for churches. Clear space on your hard drive and check out the goodies below:

Free Visual Media Resources for Churches

This is an update from our March 2012 article: Free Media for Churches You Should Know About. Since publishing the article, we’ve discovered some new sites we wanted to add to the list. Rather than update the article, we made this page. We’ll keep it updated with all the resources for free visual media available to churches.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Shorts as Proof of Concept & Surrounding Yourself with Support - Stage 32

Shorts as Proof of Concept & Surrounding Yourself with Support - Stage 32: "He then brought actor Omar Leyva (from Disney's McFarland, USA) on for an inspirational and tear-jerking interview about the support you need as a creative. It is not to be missed. Following Omar was Manager & Producer Jairo Alvarado from Circle of Confusion, who's in the middle of a studio bidding war for Sundays, a short film he's developed as a proof of concept from a filmmaker from Amsterdam."

Below is the link directly to the Stage 32 Video...

On Stage with RB - March 2015 - media file added by Stage 32 Staff - Julie - Stage 32: "Omar, who has over 50 credits between film and television, joins RB to talk about what it’s like being an actor. He talks about how he got started in the business, and how having mentors, surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded, and being a self-motivator are keys to being a successful creative. They also talk about how creatives always need support, especially when your family or community doesn’t necessarily support your chosen craft. How do you take rejection from others, and then turn it into a positive? Finally, Omar discusses how being who you are is the most important thing.

Some quotes from Omar:
“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”
“You’re never a failure until you blame someone else.”

Jairo Alvarado joins RB and talks about how he found a new filmmaker from Amsterdam on VIMEO named Mischa Rozema. As his manager, he developed a Kickstarter campaign to help Mischa develop a short film as proof of concept. Jairo discusses how the film industry is much less of a “trust me” business and has transitioned into a “show me” business. He talks about the evolution of DRIVE: how the film at its first pass had a higher budget and different actors, but at the second pass had a smaller budget & had Ryan Gosling attached. Jairo also explains how you rise above the noise as a writer, composer, editor, cinematographer and how aiming smaller can actually be of great benefit to you.

Some quotes from Jairo:
“If you’re a creative you can do it anywhere you want. You don’t have to be in LA anymore”
“The smartest person in the room is the one that admits that they know what they don’t know”"

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Premiere - Time Remapping | No Stupid Questions with Colin Smith | Adobe TV

Time Remapping | No Stupid Questions with Colin Smith | Adobe TV: "Time Remapping, or “Speed Ramps” in some programs, is a visually dynamic editing technique that we can’t seem to get enough of these days. Premiere Pro has a unique and powerful way to control not only the speed changes, but also the transition from one speed to another. See how easy it is to create and edit time changes directly in the timeline and how to copy and paste this same keyframes right into After Effects. As an added bonus we’ve included Timewarp in After Effects which allows you to create new intermediate frames with the ultra smooth Pixel Motion effect."

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Windows 93 Is Real, and It's Spectacular | Motherboard

Windows 93 Is Real, and It's Spectacular | Motherboard: "It’s 2015, but Windo​ws 93 is finally ready.

Your new favorite operating system is here and it’s weird as hell. The browser-based OS makes us thirst for what could’ve been if Microsoft didn’t skip between Windows 3.X and Windows 95."

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Block by block: Help build Portland in Minecraft « Silicon Florist

Block by block: Help build Portland in Minecraft « Silicon Florist: "Unless you’ve been under a redstone for the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly come across Minecraft, the game that allows multiple players to build, mine, and battle within a blocky 8-bit-esque environment. You can build practically anything there. And now, some folks have decided to recreate Portland on the platform."

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Notes on D5100 Video Shooting

Nikon D5100 Review: Full Review - Video:

 All quotes here from link above.


"...four AF-area modes for use during movie capture: Face-priority AF, Wide-area AF, Normal-area AF, and the aforementioned Subject-Tracking AF."

"As we've noted in other SLR reviews, the good news with focusing for video is that you can get surprisingly good depth of field in video mode by stopping the lens down, thanks to the relatively low resolution of the video image. With a pixel resolution of only 2.1 megapixels in the Nikon D5100's highest-resolution 1,080p "Full HD" mode, 0.9 megapixels in 720p HD mode, and just 0.3 megapixels in the standard-definition mode, images that would be unacceptably blurred as 16 megapixel still shots look perfectly fine as video frames. This not only provides greater depth of field at any given aperture, but is also more forgiving of diffraction limiting at very small lens apertures. Diffraction at small apertures means you'd usually want to avoid f/16 or f/22 for still images, but again, the results generally look perfectly fine at video resolutions. Bottom line, with the Nikon D5100's lens set to f/16 or f/22 (assuming you're shooting under fairly bright conditions), you'll be surprised by how little focus adjustment is needed during a typical video recording."


  • "With the Mode dial set to any position except A or M, the main exposure variables -- shutter speed, aperture, and ISO sensitivity -- all remain under automatic control when recording movies with the Nikon D5100. "
  • "in the A or M positions, however, you can shoot movies in Aperture-priority mode, with the proviso that you must dial in your desired aperture prior to entering Live View mode, unless you're shooting with a PC-E lens. "
  • "Regardless of the metering mode selected, movies will always be recorded using Matrix metering, with the Center-weighted and Spot options available only for still image capture."
  • "You can, however, adjust exposure compensation, and use the Autoexposure Lock button to lock the metered exposure, even after movie capture has already started. "
  • "You can apply Nikon's Picture Controls as well as specify the color space for movies, as long as they are selected before recording begins. This is useful if you'd like to for instance record in monochrome, or with more saturated colors, etc."


  • "Like most interchangeable lens cameras capable of AF during video, the D5100 has a tendency to pick up autofocus drive noise quite clearly in the audio track of its movie clips. This can at least be mitigated somewhat by use of an external microphone, and by adjusting the D5100's three-step manual gain control, however. "
  • "...three sensitivity levels to choose from (Low, Medium and High), along with Auto gain, and Off settings. The settings apply to the built-in microphone as well as to an external mic. "

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

5 Insane File Sharing Panics from Before the Internet |

5 Insane File Sharing Panics from Before the Internet | "Thanks to new technology and the modern lassiez-faire attitude towards intellectual property, people are bootlegging their entertainment at an unprecedented rate.

Or so the record companies would like you to believe.

The truth is that media piracy has been rampant through all of history... probably since the first guy to smear his feces on the wall in the shape of a buffalo turned around and immediately saw 50 more just like it being smeared on the walls behind him.

Here are five other historical piracy scares that make this one seem even less relevant:"

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Internet Archive Adds Nearly 2,400 MS-DOS Video Games for Browser-Based Play

The Internet Archive Adds Nearly 2,400 MS-DOS Video Games for Browser-Based Play: "The Internet Archive has added nearly 2,400–currently 2,388 to be exact–MS-DOS video games to their Software Library for browser-based play. The Software Library also includes a slightly larger collection of general MS-DOS programs. We previously wrote about the addition of a Console Living Room, which featured a large collection of vintage console video games playable in a browser."

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