Thursday, November 3, 2011

~26,181 Views Last Month: October Statistics Wrap-Up

These numbers are a bit rough, but I believe that they offer a fair account of the activity involving my sites, pictures, etc. across the web.

I am surprised.  Basically, this is all since March or so, with a few exceptions here and there.

So, 62,387 views of my stuff on the web, mostly since March.

And things are starting to take off, since approximately 26,181 of these views have occurred in the last month. I do not know if that growth rate will continue or not.  I would be surprised if it did, but hey...  This is not a bad start for the Rubblebase sites and their associated content.

Taking over the world?  Not yet.  A decent start?  Surely.

A closer look:

Last month:  1,531
All Time:       8,106*

Democracy In Distress:
Last Month:  4,198
All Time:       9,395*

Retrovirus Lab:
Last Month:  1,282
All Time:       1,615**

Suburban Eschatology Part Two:
Last Month:  368
All time:        602**
Last Month:  5,101
All Time:      13,236***

Last Month:  3,685
All Time:      17,325****

Picasa Web Albums:
Last Month:  1,719
All Time:       3,811*****

All Time - Channel:   208
All Time - Uploads:   562

And now for the very new kids on the block. Considering that these properties are not being promoted in any real way and contain little actual content, it is more than I'd expect for them. 

Last Month: 114
All Time:      114

A. F. Litt:
Last Month: 85
All Time:      85

This has been a fun post.  The internet keeps crashing out, so I've had about a five minute break between each entry here.  Fun.  Throw your router out the window fun.  And this is the new, "good" one.

* Blogger has been keeping stats since May 2009, these blogs have been around much longer.  However, since they were essentially dormant until March 2011, they do reflect the activity on these blogs during their current, active incarnation.

** These blogs were created in August 2011.

*** Since August 2011, when I first started posting on this site.

**** I hate Photobucket and rarely use it.  I believe 11,007 is the total since May, not March, since I had 10,909 hits on June 15.  I've arrived at this static by adding the monthly counts since June to 10,909, which is probably more accurate, but still leaves 15 days worth of hits unaccounted for.

***** I began recording statistics on Picasa in March, 2011. I was posting to the site earlier, but not by much, so this should be a fairly accurate statistic.