Friday, February 10, 2012

~37,195 Views Last Month: January 2012 Statistics Wrap-Up

Site Statistic Totals 2102012 24549 AM - chart

New Facebook pages, a few other changes…  Having trouble getting the monthly statistics I want from the new Facebook insights tool, but I will try to figure it out for next month.  I doubt the numbers are that dramatic at this point, anyway.

Running a bit late this month on the stats post, so some numbers may be a bit skewed, but who’s really counting anyway?  So, for most of these sites, the numbers reflect counts since my last stats post.

Site Statistic Totals 2102012 24831 AM - graph

The growth has leveled off a bit last month, but there were less posts last month than in a while.

Site Statistic Totals 2102012 25045 AM - monthly


December:    3,822
January:        4,209
Change:        +387
All Time:      19,514*

Democracy In Distress:

December:    5,945
January:        4,529
Change:        -1,416
All Time:       25,998*

Retrovirus Lab:

December:      1,363
January:          1,257
Change:           -106
All Time:        5,547**

Suburban Eschatology Part Two:

December:     255
January:        367
Change:         +112
All Time:        2,097**

All My Base Belong To You:

December: 120
January:     332
Change:     +212
All Time:    452

December:  4,631
January:      6,693
Change:      +2,062
All Time:      15,000******

December:  11,383
January:      12,182
Change:       +799
All Time:      42,799***

December:  7,546
January:      4,144
Change:      -3,402
All Time:      29,840****

Picasa Web Albums:

December:      741
January:          288
Change:          -453
All Time:         5,309*****


December:   314
January:       474
Change:      +160
All Time:      2,303

* Blogger has been keeping stats since May 2009, these blogs have been around much longer.  However, since they were essentially dormant until March 2011, they do reflect the activity on these blogs during their current, active incarnation.
** These blogs were created in August 2011.
*** Since August 2011, when I first started posting on this site.
**** I hate Photobucket and I rarely use it.  I believe 11,007 is the total since May, not March, since I had 10,909 hits on June 15.  I've arrived at this static by adding the monthly counts since June to 10,909, which is probably more accurate, but still leaves 15 days worth of hits unaccounted for.
***** I began recording statistics on Picasa in March, 2011. I was posting to the site earlier, but not by much, so this should be a fairly accurate statistic.
****** Joined October 2010, stats rounded to neared thousand starting January 2012

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