Sunday, February 19, 2012

It’s all about the content, baby!

When it comes to any sort of on-line marketing, it is all about content these days, not ads.  Especially when it comes to social media.  No one wants to subscribe to a stream or an email list that is nothing but ads.  One example, this morning I received emails from both Kodak and Canon. Kodak’s emails are generally a few ads and an article link.  Canon, just ads.  Guess which email I actually opened before trashing this morning?

This approach is discussed in Solis’ post:

EC=MC (Every Company is a Media Company), a movement to help businesses realize the opportunity presented by social for not only marketing, but true storytelling, experiential journeys, and engagement. Also referred to as brand journalism or brand publishing, the idea is that brands can earn greater attention, reach, and results by investing in a journalistic approach. It’s a move away from promotional content to the delivery of useful, entertaining, or meaningful engagement and experiences through new media.

How to tell the difference between content and advertising?  Canon directs me to sales promotions and advertising pages discussing the features of their new cameras, while Kodak points me towards an interview with a photographer discussing his early career and the techniques he uses to stand out from the crowd. 

Since I am not currently on the market for new gear, the Canon email does not really have much to offer me, while the Kodak link is one I plan on checking out later.  In this case, Kodak is succeeding in keeping me engaged with their brand, their content, and their site, while Canon is losing me.

So, later on, when I am in the market for new gear, who’s actual ads have a higher probability of hitting my eyeballs first?

Here is some recent content I spotted talking about, yep… content.  Some discussions on “contributing to signal instead of the noise.”

Report: Content and the New Marketing Equation - Brian Solis:

…when we look at the online and mobile behavior of connected customers, a sense of responsibility emerges as everyday people become media beacons in their own right. As such, they rigorously share and curate for their audience with an editorial-style approach as what was once a static audience is now an audience with an audience of audiences. People are learning that there are rewards for contributing to signal instead of the noise. Those who do not, learn the hard way…that people will disconnect in order to preserve the integrity of their stream.

Content Development That Gets Them Salivating | Inside The Mind Ep. 2 - YouTube:

…let's talk about the different types of content.

Lead Generation
Sales content

The next biggest mistake people make when using their blog as a marketing device is that they expect every piece to perform the function of all four of these types of content. And while there can sometimes be some cross over, this generally is not the case.

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