Friday, February 3, 2012

Old Post Migration (Part One)

February 3, 2012. 2.

I created this blog in December because most of the recent posts at the time on Suburban Eschatology Part Two were tech posts.  I realized that the old blog was in danger of turning into a tech blog.  However, there were so many of these posts that I decided a tech blog was not a bad idea.

So I’ve spent some time today migrating the first batch (about half) of those posts over here from SE2.  I tagged them, slapped on a crappy little graphic, and plopped them down here.  Later, I may go through and post them to the actual dates they were created on, but since they are all still fairly current, I probably will just let them stay where they are…

That is all.  Just a quick bookkeeping note.

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