Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fun with PTC Sites: PTC Sense

2012-10-27. 01.

Another road leading to broken promises and false hope?  This is actually the same people who ran the last one I posted about, Fine PTC

PTC Sense ( - Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended:

Connected to other scams - This site is being ran by the same people who owned DingoBux, PTC Wallet, RichPTC, and other scams. Most likely the one behind GPT Network, Michael Pratt. Also ValueBux traffic is being redirected to PTCSense. Valuebux is another GPTNetwork site that ended up scamming a lot of people.

Since this is the same people, Michael Pratt and GPT Network, the information on the last post is valid for this one.  Again, it’s probably all about the money.  Same unrealistic promises made with PTC Sense as was made with Fine PTC.

All My Base Belong to You...: Fun with PTC Sites:

"Well looks like their other sites have scammed as much as they could. So they open up another site with a fresh name hoping to do the same. Lets hope people are doing their research before they start upgrading and wasting their time on this site."

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun with PTC Sites:

2012-10-26. 1.

Just checking this out...  An unfortunate potential new series of posts here…

advice for | Scam check for is safe?:

How did get a Trust Score of 0% ?

  • The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity
  • This website has been reported as being untrustworthy
  • This website/business has been given a low reliability rating by other websites | WOT Reputation Scorecard | WOT (Web of Trust):

Scam, site registered to the same people who ran other scam ptcs. DingoBux, BriteBux, to just name a few. Don't fall for the high rates and promises.

Fineptc and how I got scammed by it:

The worse part of my entire experience with the company is that they even told me that I will receive my payment after 60 business days, making that over two months of waiting. Waiting that long means that I won’t even be able to file a dispute with my PayPal accounts.

PTC Investigations: Fine PTC ( - Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended:

Well looks like their other sites have scammed as much as they could. So they open up another site with a fresh name hoping to do the same. Lets hope people are doing their research before they start upgrading and wasting their time on this site.

60 Business Days!! - Are you kidding?!! That is business days we are talking about here. That is about 3 months worth of wating. Guess how long before your time is up to file a dispute for paypal? Or even better, how about Payza (formerly known as AlertPay)? Last I checked, 45 for paypal, and only 30 days for Payza (formerly known as AlertPay). Starting to get the picture?

So you wait and wait for your payment. Then after you have waited 60 business days and you realize you were scammed and have no way of getting your money back.

Does fine ptc paid to anyone:

Best answer: Never

Fine ptc is true or fake??? - Yahoo! Answers India:

no no no. Fine PTC is an infamous scam site. DO NOT invest or do business with them...they will never pay you. PTC sites have to offer you like .01 or .02 per click to even have a chance at being legit....$10 is out of the question!

Is fine PTC Scam Pls Tell Me Guys - eMoneySpace:

with $10 Per  Click  and $10,000 cashout do you really need to ask if the site is a scam

FinePtc Review - Legit or Scam?:

The flashy layout was honestly what motivated me into joining this PTC site. If something seems a little too good to be true, it usually is. This site was a scam. I managed to reach the minimum payout, but it's been two months and no cash has been received. I recommend you stay far, far away from this one.

How does one earn $10 for each click when 1000 link credits are selling for $5? Be realistic and do the math. This site is only beneficial to the owner/admin of the site and not the clickers. They only want the money and do not care about members getting paid or not. I was a member there and feel that it was a waste of my time to click there because lets face it, the site is not going to pay you $10,000 when you reach payout.

I would not recommend to a friend.

Fine ptc is true or fraud:

The bad news is that most PTC sites fold up in just a few short months. They are complete scams. They will try to get people to buy as many referrals as possible and then when they have raked in a lot of money they will close the website instead of paying their customers. Some PTC sites like have waiting lists of up to a year. Which means that when you request payment, you wil be waiting a very long time. A PTC site will start going down hill when it says it has to delay payments. This means they are broke and they will try to delay paying as long as possible and try to get more people to sign up and buy referrals. I would not trust ANY PTC site that takes longer than 30 days to pay you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NaNoWriMo…. So it begins


Decided to throw this up everywhere tonight….

Pretty much starting in on NaNoWriMo this week. Not with the actual writing, but with character outlines, plot development, outlining, and a smidgen of research. More than anything, preseason training for writing a novel in one month.

Won't be around here much until December (except for when my laptop seizes up and I am spending time on the desktop waiting for spinning circles and endless hourglasses to work themselves out).

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