Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fun with PTC Sites: PTC Sense

2012-10-27. 01.

Another road leading to broken promises and false hope?  This is actually the same people who ran the last one I posted about, Fine PTC

PTC Sense ( - Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended:

Connected to other scams - This site is being ran by the same people who owned DingoBux, PTC Wallet, RichPTC, and other scams. Most likely the one behind GPT Network, Michael Pratt. Also ValueBux traffic is being redirected to PTCSense. Valuebux is another GPTNetwork site that ended up scamming a lot of people.

Since this is the same people, Michael Pratt and GPT Network, the information on the last post is valid for this one.  Again, it’s probably all about the money.  Same unrealistic promises made with PTC Sense as was made with Fine PTC.

All My Base Belong to You...: Fun with PTC Sites:

"Well looks like their other sites have scammed as much as they could. So they open up another site with a fresh name hoping to do the same. Lets hope people are doing their research before they start upgrading and wasting their time on this site."

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