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~24,617 Views Last Month: November Statistics Wrap-Up

2011-12-03 total

Most sites had a lot of growth this month, especially Rubble and Democracy In Distress.  The grand total is down a bit, but this can almost entirely be explained by the drop in activity on Photobucket, which is fine with me.  The music sites experienced little growth this month, which is expected, because they are really just place holders for now, to be used later when I am actually actively involved with a musical project again.


Overall, there is a whole lot of up and to the right on these charts, which is exactly what I want to be seeing.  The next step is to look a little more at how to convert this traffic into revenue.  However, that is a slow process and it may take quite a bit of time to see some real progress in that area.

There are also some new sites and collections of my content here and there, but they are new and small and I do not have enough data yet to throw into this mix yet.  Primarily, the additions are the new tech blog which is only a few days old and still very much a work in progress, a Vimeo account for my One Day on Earth material, and, which used by my posting utility to add the related posts code to my blogs.

2011-12-03 total chart 


October:        1,531
November:     3,377
Change:        +1,846
All Time:       11,483*


Democracy In Distress:

October:        4,198
November:     6,129
Change:        +1,931
All Time:       15,524*

2011-12-03 DinD


Retrovirus Lab:

October:        1,282
November:     1,312
Change:         +30
All Time:        2,927**

2011-12-03 RVL 

Suburban Eschatology Part Two:

October:        368
November:     873
Change:        +505
All time:        1,475**

2011-12-03 SE2

October:       5,101
November:    5,998
Change:       +897
All Time:      19,234***

2011-12-03 panoramio

November:   3,685
October:      855
Change:      -2,830
All Time:      18,180****

2011-12-03 pbucket

Picasa Web Albums:

October:       1,719
November:     471
Change:       -1,320
All Time:       4,280*****


November – Channel Views:  110
All Time – Channel Views:     318
November – Upload Views:    953
All Time – Upload Views:      1,515

* Blogger has been keeping stats since May 2009, these blogs have been around much longer.  However, since they were essentially dormant until March 2011, they do reflect the activity on these blogs during their current, active incarnation.

** These blogs were created in August 2011.

*** Since August 2011, when I first started posting on this site.

**** I hate Photobucket and I rarely use it.  I believe 11,007 is the total since May, not March, since I had 10,909 hits on June 15.  I've arrived at this static by adding the monthly counts since June to 10,909, which is probably more accurate, but still leaves 15 days worth of hits unaccounted for.

***** I began recording statistics on Picasa in March, 2011. I was posting to the site earlier, but not by much, so this should be a fairly accurate statistic.

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