Thursday, December 1, 2011

All my base are belong to you… A first post

All my base are belong to you: Geek love poem : Shiny Shiny:
AW for this. Found sketched on a pavement in California. Take a lesson English boys.
Well, I feel that my blog Suburban Eschatology Part Two has a bit of an identity problem.  Half the time I am posting tech related articles about new / social media issues and the other half of the time I am posting long navel gazing musings about my life and silly videos of my children.

One of the two topics had to find a new home.

Considering that SE2 was always intended to be my personal journal, well… Here we are.

I wanted to call this All My Base Are Belong To You… but that was taken.  So I snipped them by one word.  That blog is about Japanese culture, this one is about other stuff.  I hope no one gets confused.

Looking at some deadlines today...

I have nine days to get through all of my One Day On Earth photos and videos.  That is a hard deadline.
Before I work on that stuff, I want to get through the last of my Occupy Portland photos and videos from the eviction night and N17.

It is going to be a busy week or so.  But today, I am going to throw up my Photo of the Day and call it good.  It is sunny outside and I want to get a little hike in.  And this evening, an appointment with The Big One. 

I am not worried.  I will still be buried in projects tomorrow.  They are not going anywhere.

That, pretty much has been the theme this week: Resetting Priorities.  After getting my calendar put together, I needed a break.  Outside of my family obligations and getting a little rest and recuperation from the many long hours I've been putting in on all of these projects for the last couple months, anything else that got done this week was bonus.

But, starting tomorrow, it is time to get back to work.

So, there it is... A first post for this blog.  Sort of.

Actually, I've been writing posts for this blog for quite some time, I just haven't had the proper place to post them.

Eventually, as with my other blogs, I hope to run through and sort out all of the old posts over the last ten to twelve years and get them ordered properly in their proper homes.  Backdated, for the most part, so there should be earlier posts in this blog in the near future, but that, as with any further design work on this blog, will have to wait until I knock down some more pressing projects first.

I leave you with the ten year old meme I borrowed the title from...

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