Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marketing on Pinterest

Well, I am slowing down, not completely stopping!  Getting these long infographics to appear properly is a pain in the tush, but click through…  It is worth a glance.

Actually, full disclosure, while I may not be worrying about marketing my RubbleSites for the time being, I am going to be helping the ex one with some on-line marketing projects of her own.  After watching her wallowing in some semi-legitimate, shark infested pools of online marketing slime for a while, I’ve decided to take a little time to help her get on a proper track.

Pinterest is going to be right out there on the front line of our strategy. 

Now, I very much agree that Pinterest is a great way to generate brand attention for small startups, but the real question I have, it is going to be a source of sales? 

Even this graphic spends more time talking about potential future customers than actual customers.  

I think the answer is: Time will tell. 

How Pinterest Can Get Your Brand Attention [INFOGRAPHIC]:

While shaping your brand’s image on Pinterest, remember to take into account the specifics of the site’s userbase. A recent study showed that home, arts and crafts,  style/fashion and food are the most popular categories on Pinterest.  The food category is the fastest growing segment of Pinterest.

Source: via Aaron on Pinterest


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