Friday, February 3, 2012

Tips for landing a cherry tech position

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Found this on Mashable...  I'd prefer to work in high tech manufacturing, my preferred area.  But, I'll write for anyone!  This chart is geared more towards the hard core programmers, not the English majors who happened to grow up and start their careers in Seattle, like me, and who, inevitably because of the time and place, landed in that industry off and on over the years.  And it looks like moving north, south, or east from Oregon would be a good idea for landing one of these types of jobs.

Hot Tips For Landing Jobs at Google, Apple and Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]:

Google, Apple and Facebook are the tech trifecta, so we found facts that could help you land a job at one of these companies. No doubt, there will be stiff competition: Nearly one in four young professionals wants to work at Google, for instance, but there’s more room in the Googleplex for software developers. Facebook gets 250,000 applications a year and sifts through them to find the cream of the crop, preferring those who build things, whether they’re apps or organizations. And Apple wants, well, Apple fanboys to help create the next generation of gadgetry, but you ought to have a reference from an existing Appler.

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