Thursday, January 19, 2012

LinkedIn & Ajax Social Media Consulting: How to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile

 Ajax and Linkedin - YouTube:

Ajax and Linkedin. Ajax social media consulting visits linkedIn to discuss effective Profiles and making the most of LinkedIn experience.

Sometimes I wonder how much effort LinkedIn is really worth.  I look at my updates, and aside from the occasional job posting from one of my contacts (usually not in my field), there is usually little more than “’A’ is now connected with ‘B’” there.

However, I have used the site at all during a contract hunting season.  My feelings about it might change as I head back into job hunting mode.'

Recently, I’ve been dipping my toes a bit deeper into the Groups, and there I am finding some more depth, including some informative conversations about topics that interest me and relate to my career goals. 

So it might not be a waste of space, completely.  But I still have a hard time finding the motivation to spend too much time working on my profile there…

In his presentation, Jason Seiden tackles these sorts of feelings almost immediately.  I suppose I am not alone in my thoughts here, and he does a very good job of outlining LinkedIn’s role in the social media landscape.

Overall, this video is geared towards Talent Recruiters rather than Candidates, but much of the territory covered applies to both.  After all, it is all about sales, bottom line.  Recruiters selling themselves to Candidates and vice versa.  When he speaks of using LinkedIn profiles to communicate credibility and expertise, the tips work equally well for those on either side of the equation.

Very interesting and worth 25 minutes of your time.  It left me fired up and ready to go take a look at my long neglected profile page.  And that is pretty amazing.  I’ve been dreading the though of running through and updating everything as I prepare for the hunt for a new writing contract, but watching this video actually has me looking forward to getting started.

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