Friday, December 13, 2013

Adobe Edumacation: Lightroom to Photoshop Workflow

Adobe Bridge CC vs. Lightroom 5 - Which is best for you? | Adobe Creative Cloud TV: Photographers | Adobe TV:
"In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Terry White takes on the task of explaining and showing the differences between Adobe Bridge and Lightroom. Once and for all see which one is BEST for the things that YOU do! Also see tips and tricks in both applications."
Should I use Lightroom or Bridge? | The Complete Picture with Julieanne Kost | Adobe TV: "In this episode of the Complete Picture, Julieanne Kost helps you decide which application is right for your workflow by explaining the differences between Lightroom and Bridge for managing images and assets."

General Lightroom workflow | Learn Lightroom 5 | Adobe TV: "Time is money, and the more organized you are the more you can accomplish. Learn how developing a good workflow in Lightroom can help you get more work accomplished in less time. "

Lightroom 5 - Importing Your Images | Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 | Adobe TV:
"Discover how to quickly download and import your images into Lightroom. Then, decide which method is the most efficient for your workflow."
Why Does the Photograph’s Preview Change in Lightroom and Bridge? | Adobe Evangelists - Julieanne Kost | Adobe TV:
"In this video tutorial Julieanne explains one of the great mysteries of Lightroom and Bridge – why Lightroom (or Bridge) displays a photograph one way and then changes the way it looks a moment later. It will all become clear with just a little information about how digital camera files are captured and displayed by different applications."
Lightroom and Photoshop photo workflow | Learn Creative Cloud for Photography | Adobe TV:
Learn how Lightroom and Photoshop can work hand-in-hand to produce stunning images.
Lightroom 5 - Moving Between Lightroom and Photoshop | Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 | Adobe TV
Learn how to seamlessly move images between Lightroom and Photoshop with the exact control that you need. Discover how easy it is to create panoramas, merge 16 bit high-dynamic range (HDR) images and open multiple photographs into a single file in Photoshop.
The Difference Between “Edit in Photoshop” and “Open as Smart Object “ | Learn Creative Cloud for Photography | Adobe TV:
In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne show you the difference between opening a raw file as a pixel based layer verses a Smart Object and the advantages of both approaches.
Opening an image as a Smart Object | Learn Photoshop CC | Adobe TV:
Smart Objects in Photoshop offer you a lot of flexibility. Learn how to open an image as a Smart Object in Photoshop and Camera Raw. 
Lightroom 5 - Exporting Images | Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 | Adobe TV:
"Master the Export options in Lightroom to quickly automate the creation of multiple files for a variety of different output scenarios."

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